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IT Training solutions
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All our training is tailored to you and what you need to do your work; efficiently, effectively and with less frustration.


Sometimes training is not the solution.  Sometimes you don't have the time or the need to learn expert or specialist skills.  So our consultancy service can provide a complete, working solution for you.  Since working with Microsoft in the early days of Excel and Word, Sally has become one of the leading experts in these twin pillars of Office applications. 

SJM Training has helped many clients by producing a customised solution for them – ranging from a simple set-up of a spreadsheet or document template through to a fully automated system. 

Consultancy services include:

  • Management Information (MI) Reporting in Excel – produce regular reports at the click of a button; the code we write does all the work in the background, quickly and reliably
  • Word templates – creation of long documents with variable information such as legal contracts; our user forms and code ensure that the correct paragraphs and information are inserted reducing checking time
  • Forensic troubleshooting – is this a familiar story?  You have a spreadsheet developed by someone who has now left the company.  No one knows how it works or how to make changes safely!  We can investigate and explain.